At White Swan Pharmacy, we strive to ensure a consistently high standard of clinical service.

💊 Pill Blister Packaging

See-through blister packaging with the right dose, for the right time of day, so you don’t forget to take your medication even if you’re away from home or travelling.

💊 Medicine Management

Need help taking or organising your medicines? Talk to our pharmacist.

💊 Blood Pressure Check/ Risk Assessment

Our friendly pharmacist can conveniently check and monitor your blood pressure, identify other contributing risk factors for heart disease, and provide professional advice on maintaining a healthier heart.

💊 Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

Our accredited pharmacist can now provide a short antibiotic course for the treatment of UTIs, which is commonly associated with a burning/painful sensation when passing urine, and more frequent urges to pass urine. Come talk to our friendly pharmacist, who can tell you whether this treatment option is suitable for you.

💊 Smoking Cessation

Our pharmacy team can put you on the right path to quitting smoking, and leading a better and healthier life. We have a range of treatment options, and support you all the way in reaching your goals.

💊 Thalidomide Dispensing

💊 Maviret Dispensing

💊 Weight Loss Programmes

We can create personalised weight loss programmes based on your needs and goals, incorporating nutritional and activity factors.

💊 Sildenafil Prescribing

This pharmacy has specially trained pharmacists who are able to prescribe sildenafil for erectile dysfunction in men aged 35 – 70 years who meet specific assessment criteria.